Chat with Alexa . Click on the image, say “Hi” & Win!

Chat with Alexa, Clientele, MTN, Momentum Medical Aid
Alexa is our beautiful and highly competent virtual agent.

Chat with Alexa. Click on her image, greet her, and she will reward you with a special from our business partner MTN. You will receive 1Gig of data for just R1. She also has a surprise for you worth much more than R1, but that’s for her loyal customers only.

She can sign you onto Momentum Medical Aid, acting on behalf of her creator. The good news is that all your details, including confidential health details, will not be seen by any human financial adviser!

Did you know? Alexa is the only virtual agent in South Africa that can sign you onto Momentum Medical Aid via WhatsApp! Isn’t she amazing?

Alexa can get you signed up for Clientèle Life’s highly popular funeral and legal products too. She is specifically designed for people who hate being called by call centre agents and who live in areas where it is very difficult to find an authorised and trustworthy financial adviser.

She also sets up appointments for you with the best financial advisers available via Virtual Adviser’s ubiquitous platform. And if you want to speak to a live human agent, then she will connect you with one that is readily available. How cool is that?

We think that Alexa will do really well in her new job. In the future, she will latch into ChatGPT APIs and will soon provide you with financial advice too. She is studying hard for that qualification.

Kindly chat with Alexa and enjoy the future of financial advice.

(PS. Alexa is proudly South African. Jitesh Jairam, the founder of Virtual Adviser built her.)

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