Our Team

We host the best advisers that provide excellent service. Our core team consists of highly experienced professionals with multiple qualifications, and are established thought leaders in their fields.

  • Jitesh Jairam, CFP® (MBA cum laude, BComm, BScEng (Chemical), PGDip (Financial Planning Law)) is an out of the box thinker and problem solver. He is a professional chemical engineer, AI engineer, a certified financial planner and a business turnaround specialist. He specialises in investment advice.
  • Tashya Giyapersad (LLM), a leading attorney, business rescue practitioner and an expert in winding up estates (divorced or deceased), Wills drafting and an approved Curator Bonis.
  • Yagashen Naidoo, CA(SA), a highly experienced tax and auditing professional. He runs his own tax practice in Gauteng and Cape Town and is proudly a member of our team!
  • Kiren Govender (RE5), is an engineer who turned to financial services. He is an expert with the Government Employee Pension Fund and leads our business development division.
  • Dr Shaanil Jairam (MBA cum laude), medical doctor and our in-house medical aid and health insurance expert. He leads a team of doctors that provide free medical consultation to clients who have taken medical aid advice via Virtual Adviser.
  • Asogan Govender (Wealth Management, RE5), executive financial adviser with deep and wide industry experience. He is an expert on personal and commercial insurance, but leverages great expertise in life insurance too.
  • Ruanda Maharaj (RE5), is a survivor. After giving birth, while Covid positive, she went straight into ICU for 6 months – comatosed. Medical Aid and Life Insurance, are the reasons she managed to pull through, including the grace of her Lord. Seeing first hand the power of medical aid and life insurance, she has given her professional life to finding the best insurance solutions for you.

Our non-core team are as illustrious.

They are Avishkaar Lakkan, CA(SA), Dr Pravin Thakur, CFP®, Dr Sarashnee Govender and a host of other experts.

We are also always looking out for new talent and are training them.

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Join our Team

Are you a Certified Financial Planner or on the path to become one?

We want you to join our team.

Our financial planners care about the financial and holistic wellbeing of their clients. A Bachelors qualification in a financial planning or a related field of study is a must.

You must pass your RE5 within 6 months of joining our team. We do not look for years of experience, but seek quality of experience or a driven “can do” attitude.

We support a compassionate and caring work environment. The number of financial needs identified, backed by analysis, is what we measure. These must then lead to solutions. Because the number of solutions implemented is what we ultimately incentivise.

We offer a lucrative remuneration structure. There is no basic income. However, you can be a Virtual Adviser while working in a salaried job. We provide an opportunity for you to earn additional income.

Virtual adviser is a forward looking and modern company. The old rules do not apply. We welcome disruption. We do not compromise on honesty, integrity and professionalism.

After all, that is our target market: professionals with high doses of honesty and integrity!

Complete the form below. We look forward to welcoming you onboard.

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