Secure Your Financial Future and Embrace Life's Ups and Downs with Confidence
Secure Your Financial Future and Embrace Life’s Ups and Downs with Confidence

Welcome to Virtual Adviser, where we empower you, your family, and staff to achieve financial stability and optimal preparedness for life’s inherent challenges.

Why Choose Virtual Adviser?

As a top-tier platform, we bring together independent and professional financial advisors to serve you. These include experienced certified financial planners and supporting experts such as chartered accountants, medical doctors, lawyers, and clinical psychologists.

At Virtual Adviser, we prioritize your holistic well-being, understanding that a well-rounded Life Plan is even more crucial than a Financial Plan. This sets us apart from other financial advisory firms.

Our approach focuses on helping you develop a comprehensive Life Plan before addressing your financial strategies. Decades of experience advising highly successful individuals have taught us that financial planning is most effective when built upon a solid Life Plan foundation.

We delve into essential questions, guiding you through introspective reflections to design a financial plan that aligns with your priorities and aspirations.

Secure Your Financial Future and Embrace Life’s Ups and Downs with Confidence

How will you answer these questions:

“In three years from today, if you had to reflect on the last three years of your life, is there anything that you would have done differently?”

“You have twenty fours to live…. how would you live those hours? Introspecting and reflecting or acting feverishly to close loose ends and make a last attempt to do things you always wished you had done?”

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Connect with the finest Certified Financial Planners in South Africa and receive exceptional advice on insurance, medical aid, and investments.

Transparent Pricing for Our Services

We offer the flexibility of billing for financial planning consultations and are not solely driven by commissions. Our focus remains on delivering high-quality financial advice tailored to your needs.

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Leveraging Technology to Serve You Better

We harness the power of technology to provide you with seamless service and access to the best rates and providers in insurance and investment

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Partnerships with Top Insurance and Investment Companies

We collaborate with leading service providers, employing stringent quality control standards to select the finest specialists within each financial planning domain. As our client, you benefit from discounted rates compared to dealing directly with insurance or investment companies.

Comprehensive Financial Solutions

We offer an extensive range of financial solutions, including income protection, investments, estate planning, medical aid, health insurance, car and home insurance, commercial insurance, life insurance, and funeral cover. Our partnerships with leading providers ensure you receive the best products and services tailored to your unique requirements.

Embrace a brighter financial future with Virtual Adviser.

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Income Protection

We believe that you should protect your income before insuring anything else. When you are sick or unable to work, a monthly income is needed to take care of your expenses. When you die, a lump sum pay out to beneficiaries comes with risks – how will it be invested? Will it get spent irrationally?

A lump sum is needed to settle immediate expenses but a monthly pay out for the rest of life provides beneficiaries with peace of mind. While we work with Discovery, Momentum and Sanlam, the leading provider with regard to income protection for business owners is Bidvest Life.


We deal primarily with Sanlam Glacier, Africa’s biggest investment house and their solutions for wealthy individuals are unsurpassed. This applies to Retirement Annuities, Pension and Provident Funds. We recently have been using structured notes to get great returns from a volatile market. Discovery Invest and Momentum Invest are business partners too. SYGNIA is a leader with ETFs (passive investments) and our partner.

Estate Planning 

In this space we are contracted to ABSA(via Discovery), Capital Legacy and Clientele. We provide a professional Will for you at the lowest cost. We insure your deceased estate against any potential liquidity gaps.

Medical Aid

We deal with the popular and best open medical aid schemes in South Africa namely Discovery Health and Momentum Health.

We also provide international medical aid via BUPA and CIGNA.

Health Insurance 

Looking for the best health insurance providers for your staff? We provide FlexicareHealth4me or Kaelo as options.

Car and Home Insurance

We have partnered with Discovery, Momentum, Santam, Bryte, ABSA, Brolink, Hollard, Old Mutual and MiWay. In this way, we are able to provide you with the best insurance premiums that give the best cover.

Commercial Insurance 

We have partnered with the best providers to protect your assets (building, farm, plant equipment) – Bryte, Santam, Old Mutual and Hollard.

Life Insurance and Funeral Cover

We have something for every one. Our partners are Discovery, Sanlam, Momentum, 1Life, Capital Legacy, the only Shariah compliant life policy in South Africa, and Clientele Life.

Medical Malpractice Insurance

We have partnerships with Leppard, Genoa and other leading and accredited underwriters.

“Our advice is independent. We focus on quality of advice and your financial security.”

Our Client Profile

Our clientele are sophisticated and care about their finances. They do not trust just anybody to give them financial advice. They are selective and are connoisseurs of the finer things in life.

Many are professionals but they also include successful business owners, high net worth individuals, and also include successful companies seeking employee benefits for their treasured staff.

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Virtual Adviser is Preferred by Doctors Executives

“Virtual Adviser has been such a great help for our family! I feel so much better knowing that we are making the right decisions with our money, and it’s easy to work one on one with their team. They have helped us so much!” Karlan Chetty, Executive at RCL Foods

Virtual Adviser Financial Advisors are Executives.
Our Financial Advisers Are Also Executives

“I partner with Virtual Adviser because they offer an amazing blended approach to wealth management and personal finance. They make it so easy to manage all of my family’s finances in one place. I don’t know what we would do without them.” Mayuir Bhairoparsad, CEO at Schindler South Africa

At Virtual Adviser We Mean Business
At Virtual Adviser We Mean Business

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come across a financial dilemma and I could rely on Virtual Adviser’s advice to help me. They really saved my life.” Jack Maharaj, CTO at TNT Solutions

We Focus on Life Planning
We Focus on Life Planning
“I want to thank you for all the advice you have given me. I’ve been able to retire a few years earlier because of your advice. Thank you for being so responsive, encouraging and kind.” Mitchelle Stevens, Founder and Partner at Rakstation
Our Wealthy Clients Share One Culture: that of Prosperity
Our Wealthy Clients Share One Culture: that of Prosperity

“We have been living a very stressful life because of the economy and were barely able to make it and so we decided to start investing with Virtual Adviser. We are now feeling more at ease and more confident.” Kagiso Mohale, Manager at Shell South Africa

Wealthy Female Executive

“After starting a new business, I was just so busy that I never put enough time into my finances. With the help of Virtual Adviser we have a solid investment plan in place.” Dr Keli Haripersad, CEO of Krest Publishers

Our Clients Are Trendsetters That Challenge the Status Quo
Our Clients Are Trendsetters That Challenge the Status Quo

“I use the Virtual Adviser service to help me figure out my pensions, life insurance and medical aid. I was really worried about what to do and they were able to give me all the information I needed.” Pravit Lochan, CEO at Lochan Media and Lochan Removal Company

Our Clients Know What It Takes To Build A Successful Business in A Tough World
Our Clients Know What It Takes To Build A Successful Business in A Tough World

“I do not trust anyone else with my insurance policies. Jitesh Jairam and his team are beyond amazing. I highly recommend Virtual Adviser” Ronny Chetty, Founder and CEO of Verulam Security

Many of Virtual Adviser's Clients Are Top End Globe Trotters
Many of Virtual Adviser’s Clients Are Top End Globe Trotters

“I’ve been with Virtual Adviser for three years now and it’s so great to have a financial advisor that is available anytime and anywhere. We use the service of Jitesh all the time because my job keeps me on the road so much. The advice they give has been super helpful.” Trivern Chetty, Marketing Director at Coca Cola Company

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