About Virtual Adviser

Financial Advice by Virtual Adviser offers personalized financial advice, investment planning, and insurance solutions. Book a consultation with our experts today.

At Virtual Adviser, we enable you, your loved ones and staff to live life feeling financially secure and optimally prepared for all of life’s inherent challenges.

How do we deliver on our purpose?

The leadership at Virtual Adviser has taken a tri-variate approach to expand their service offering.

  1. A traditional approach employing the best human financial advisers and financial planners available.
  2. An outreach to the oasis of finance discussions , with financial accountants, tax and legal professionals.
  3. Using cutting edge AI technology to bring the very best and modern experiences to our valued clients.

Virtual Adviser as a platform for law and finance professionals

As a platform, we allow legal and finance professionals (CAs, CFP’s, Tax and Audit etc.) to provide quality financial advice via our platform to their clients.

Your trusted legal and finance professional knows your situation better than anyone else, but they are not licensed to provide you with financial advice. This is where we come in.

Virtual Adviser allows finance and legal experts to plug into our platform and provide their clients with objective financial advice. We provide the following support so that they can focus on their valued clients:

  • Licensing to provide financial advice
  • Legal compliance
  • Compliance
  • Product Recommendations
  • Paraplanning support
  • Ongoing Training

Why should a law or finance professional partner with Virtual Adviser?

The following are our guiding principles:

  1. Client confidentiality guaranteed
  2. Objectivity – we are insurance and investment brand agnostic
  3. Professionalism – we are led by CFP’s and CA’s
  4. Quality of Advice
  5. Low Costs
  6. Reduced Liability
  7. Client Journey Ownership – we follow you throughout your life journey
  8. Connecting Virtually – we are preparing for the metaverse and soon you will be able to connect virtually into our offices to receive financial advice
  9. Full compliance with all regulations

Are you a finance or legal professional? Want to continue this conversation offline?

Drop us an email at [email protected], contact us online or book an appointment with our CEO, Jitesh Jairam.

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Virtual Adviser
Virtual Adviser is an authorised Financial Services Provider. FSP number 51419.