Life Insurance

We provide the best life insurance products and services. Our providers go through a stringent vetting process. Firstly, we measure premiums charged versus the benefit provided. Secondly, we review the relevance of the product and its simplicity. Finally, we take customer feedback seriously. We measure customer satisfaction via Hello Peter and other independent surveys.

life insurance
Family Care And Protection

South Africans love lifestyle insurance companies such as Momentum and Discovery. Incentivising behaviours with rewards (Vitality and Multiply) has worked for many. But it does not work for everyone. For this reason, we also have Sanlam’s life insurance product available to our clients. A client can get all your premiums back after 15 years with Sanlam, without engaging in a lifestyle program such as Vitality. Sanlam underwrites upfront, completely. This means that you can live in any country, change your job, adopt a few risky habits without informing Sanlam about it.

Why you need life insurance

We then have highly innovative life insurers such as Bidvest Life. Bidvest Life does not just pay your beneficiary a lump sum, they also pay an amount every month. This eliminates the risks associated with large sums of money (squandered, investment losses, negative impact of inflation etc.).

We also offer one of the best loved life insurer and funeral service provider in South Africa – 1Life. Their prices are very affordable, application takes less than 5 minutes, service is excellent and there are no medicals, except for an HIV test!

Finally, we offer the only Shariah Life Insurance product available in South Africa via Capital Legacy.

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Not sure about how much life insurance you need? Use our online life insurance calculator and find out. Each need must be provided for such as income protection when unable to work, settling debts or liquidity constraints when you die, leaving a lump sum for loved ones and eliminating business risks (keyman insurance).