Resignation Planning

The Great Resignation resulted in millions of employees prematurely leaving their jobs. This was due to a gap in the Advice World: financial planners and advisers are ill-equipped to help you to make the correct resignation decision.

This post explores the holistic consultation approach required before resigning.

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Your First Job

The excitement of getting your first job offer is an unforgettable one. Your hard work paid off. You can now buy your first car, live in your dream home, take better care of loved ones and finally go on that dream vacation.

It does not take long for most employees to realise that the joy of earning a salary comes with disadvantages. These include…

  • Having a boss that you do not like
  • Receiving tasks that you hate
  • Receiving an unfair salary
  • Overworked
  • Unrealistic performance targets
  • No time for family, friends and your own health
  • Less competent colleagues are promoted before you
  • Dealing with politics
  • Not sharing the same values as your employer
  • Harassed, victimised, bullied and abused
  • Not growing and developing to your full potential
  • At any time you can be retrenched or dismissed
  • Dealing with unfair labour laws
  • Witnessing corruption and nepotism

Due to these and other reasons, the days of working for one organisation your entire life are over.

We are moving into the gig economy where the best people for a job are hired to achieve specific goals within given timelines. While the world moves towards this new way of working, a large number of skilled staff are resigning from their full time jobs. They are doing so with minimum planning. In most cases, the decision to resign is impulsive, emotional and regretted.

Nothing is worth it if you are not happy.

people woman desk office thinking about resigning
To resign or not to resign?

Who can help?

Who do you turn to for advice when you reach the juncture of “…should I resign?”

Usually, it’s family members and friends. The reason? Professionals dedicated to resignation planning are like finding hen’s teeth – they do not exist. There is a reason for it, and a good one too.

You should be consulting a Resignation Planner™ before making your decision.

A Resignation Planner™ is an accredited and trained financial planner. He/she is also trained and accredited in clinical psychology and labour law.

A Resignation Planner™ is the go to professional that first calms the emotional and mental storms. The financial advice is then contextualised within a legal framework.

The Resignation Planner™

Resignation Planner™ was first coined by Virtual Adviser (Pty) Ltd. All three of the following professional expertise, coupled with experience, are required to be present in a Resignation Planner™ :

  • Clinical psychologists focus on diagnosing and treating mental, emotional, and behavioural disorders. These may result in premature resignation. Or are resultant from the impending BIG resignation decision.
  • Lawyers provide expert guidance on how to resign, given employment contract terms and conditions. They look at the prevailing circumstances around your impending resignation. They address issues such as:
    • Are you being forced to resign due to unfair labor practices, bullying or intimidation?
    • What is your minimum notice period?
    • Do you still qualify for performance bonuses?
  • Certified Financial Planners™ are trained to deal with the complexity of retirement planning, estate planning, taxation, risk and investment planning. Once the psychological and legal context of your resignation is properly understood, they provide financial solutions for you. This includes answering the following questions:
    • What do you do with retirement funds? Do you draw it to settle debt, reinvest or preserve?
    • How do you make ends meet while in between jobs?
    • Is the new offer really better in financial terms than your current payment package?
    • Are you financially ready to take on your business adventure?

Resignation Planners™ are required to deal with all the complexities associated with resignation planning. This requires the expertise of all three professionals described.

It comes with no surprise that to find such a professional is extremely difficult.

We have a solution to help make the correct resignation decision

Virtual Adviser is a platform. We have professional advisers across different lines of business connected to it. These are medical doctors, lawyers, certified financial planners and clinical psychologists too.

By reaching out to Virtual Adviser to guide you with your resignation planning, you are accessing the expertise of three professionals – psychologist, lawyer and planner.

Book your consultation with Virtual Adviser by visiting this page.

Many of our health and legal professionals prefer to keep their identities confidential. Some of them have allowed us to share their names, to provide credibility.

Our inhouse clinical psychologist is Sarashnie Govender. She has 25 years of experience and runs two private practices in South Africa.

Our inhouse medical expert is Dr Shaanil Jairam. He has over 15 years of experience.

Our legal partner is Tashya Giyapersad and Partners. A group of 40 highly specialised attorneys with professional practices in Johannesburg and Durban.

On the finance side, we have Reuel Moodley, CA(SA) with 15 years experience and under mentorship for the prestigious CFP designation. We have Conduit Tax Professionals – group of highly specialised CA(SA) professionals with more than 20 years of experience.

Then there’s Jitesh Jairam – with more than 20 years corporate experience, a career coach, Non -Executive Director at the Financial Planning Institute, CFP professional, chemical engineer, debt counselor, full stack developer, data scientist and business turnaround consultant.

We also have Kiren Govender, our youngest and most gifted consultant. He is truly an expert on Government Employee Pension Funds and has developed his own investment fund to maximise your returns at the lowest possible risk.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

If you would like to join our platform of professionals, send an email to [email protected].

Book your consultation with Virtual Adviser by visiting this page.

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