Professional Financial Planning Consultation


Your journey with our world class Financial Planners starts off with an activation fee.  Once your funds clear, our Personal Assistant, Priya will contact you to set up the  consultation.

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Priya will contact you and make arrangements for the first consultation


Thank you for choosing Virtual Adviser!

The first consultation purchase starts your journey with us.   We will contact you to understand your needs and start building a rapport of mutual trust. We then begin with data collection and analysis.  Thereafter, the most suitable financial planning, legal and health experts are introduced to you, so that your needs are addressed professionally.

Depending on the complexity and nature of your case, more than one consultation may be needed.

Treating Customers Fairly

Our approach is aligned with the Financial Planning Institute’s recommended approach.

Objective advice and treating customers fairly are the foundational elements that South African regulatory authorities, such as FSCA,  encourage to protect your interests.   Virtual Adviser is dedicated to deliver the professionalism expected by these organisations.

Go ahead and purchase your first consultation with us. 

Your journey to financial peace of mind starts with this single step.  The 2020 global pandemic increased the pace of virtual work environments.  It has made us more comfortable with using digital technology.  At Virtual Adviser we have adapted to this change to deliver an enhanced service offering. We do also offer a hybrid approach, as you may feel more comfortable meeting with us face to face.

We look forward to serving you.


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