Which is the best Tracker in South Africa?

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Vehicle trackers give Peace of Mind

A week of mindless looting and destruction in South Africa (July 2021) changed the insurance landscape forever. Crime is still on the increase. Hijacking still on the rise.

Tracking devices are essential devices. It’s a proactive measure to deter thieves from stealing your vehicle. It also acts a means to track loved ones in the event of a hijacking incident.

There are, in our opinion, only four tracking companies to consider in South Africa.

Are Tracking Devices Optional?

If you do not have a tracking device or if you have the incorrect tracking device, your insurer will reject your claim!

Here’s how we know

Virtual Adviser contracts with 9 car and home insurance companies, namely:

  • Discovery
  • Momentum
  • Santam
  • Brolink
  • Hollard
  • Bryte
  • Old Mutual
  • ABSA
  • Mi-Way

We insured thousands of South Africans already and sold and installed thousands tracking devices. We have the data and the experience to advise you.

Virtual Adviser generates quotes via our systems to get the lowest premium with the best benefits, at the lowest excess, for you.

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Don’t have insurance?

That’s all the more reason to get a tracker installed. The recovery rate by the top 4 tracking companies is greater than 95%. In fact, if they do not recover your vehicle, tracking companies like Cartrack will pay you up to R150 000.

Are tracking devices easily detected by thieves?

Thieves also break into homes with burglar guards and alarm systems linked to armed guards. They break into gated and secure estates too.

Does this mean that we should not live in gated estates? Or that you should not have burglar guards? Does this mean you should not have armed response?


Like all other security measures in our crime forsaken country, trackers are also a deterrent and our last attempt to protect what belongs to us.

Convinced? Good. Now let us shop for the best tracking device at the best price for you. Chat with us on WhatsApp now for more information!

Do trackers drain your car battery?

This could happen. Sometimes, when you buy a used car, there is a device already installed or multiple devices incorrectly installed. Incorrectly installed trackers will drain your battery. When you buy a tracking device from us, we will allocate the best and most experienced technicians to do the installation. Expect a 5 day waiting period though.

The way to prevent this problem is to have a tracking device that is NOT connected to your car battery.

Which is the best tracker in South Africa?

There are a host of companies that offer services to motorists in SA, which sometimes makes finding the right one for you a daunting (and sometimes confusing) task. Many insurance companies will require you to fit one as part of the contractual agreement. Most of the time there is a major discount on your premium if you have one installed.

While each tracking company will present their devices and services to you as unique and special, the types of devices they offer operate with a similar technology. Therefore , pricing and the quality of service become differentiating factors.

A GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) transponder fitted to a secret installation location on your car. This installation location also changes from car to car, and from model to model.

The transponder wired into your cars electrical system, so that any time it starts and moves, it registers with the service network. The tracking company can then track the car, sometimes with a location accuracy of less than 3 meters.

We investigated a number of these companies to see what they offer in terms of comparable service and technology here in South Africa.


We are not saving the best for last. Matrix’s Beame is the best by far. For these reasons:

  • R99 per month. This makes it the most affordable tracking device
  • Recognised by all major insurance companies
  • You will not need to undergo credit checks
  • There’s more…
Features of the Beame

Apply for your Beame now. Fill in this application form. Easy as 1-2-3!

    If you need a more sophisticated system, then thee MX3 Enhanced Safety package gets you quite a comprehensive service. Coming in at R199, You will receive device fitment, geo-fencing, their mobile app, a panic remote, harsh events reporting, internet tracking, border alerts, and a backup battery service. The full features are illustrated below.


    Tracker Recover gets you a transponder fitment, theft recovery, a tax logbook, vehicle license renewal reminder, location-based tracking, an expense log book, and mobile app access. You will have to phone them for a quote, though.


    Netstar – there when it matters

    Netstar vehicle tracker offers comprehensive list of services, that range from the devices and fitment to driver behavior alerts. You can also see benefits such as the web and mobile app interface, impact detection, a SARS compliant tax logbook, a panic remote, trip reports and a service alert.

    Netstar, like Cartrack, is also a Discovery approved deep install device, especially if your phone (Huawei, etc.) is not compatible with the Discovery tracker.

    You have a variety of options to chose from:


    The MOST AFFORDABLE option for hi-jacking and stolen vehicle recovery.

    • R 99 per month
    • No upfront payment
    • NOTE: this option is not recognised by insurance companies

    YOU GET:

    Stolen Vehicle Recovery Services
    Fitment Certificate for Insurance
    Wireless Unit with 3-Year Battery Life



    FEATURE-RICH vehicle tracking and recovery option with added safety and convenience functionality.

    • R 179 per month
    • No upfront payment

    YOU GET:

    Stolen Vehicle Recovery Services
    Fitment Certificate for Insurance
    Signal Jamming Detection Alert (JammingResistTM)
    Impact Detection for Safety
    Battery Disconnect Alert


    Web & App for Live Tracking
    Logbook for SARS
    Personal Driver Behaviour Rating
    Car Park Jamming Alert


    Panic Button
    (R 10 p/m)



    The MOST COMPREHENSIVE vehicle tracking and recovery option with all-round protection for you and your family.

    • R 209 per month
    • No upfront payment

    YOU GET:



    Auto-arm Proximity Tag for Security
    Wireless or Remote Panic Button
    Early Warning Theft Alert
    Tow-away Alert



    This article is incomplete without mentioning Cartrack. Voted by millions as the leader and the best tracking company in South Africa. Others will argue that Netstar is the leader. It’s something like convincing a Man United fan that Liverpool is the best football on the planet. Impossible.

    It boils down to preference.

    But if it is price that you are after with same benefits, then Cartrack wins by a mile! The Quick Executive Plus, with recovery warranty, at R179 per month is equivalent to the Netstar Early Warning option.

    Own a fleet? R199 per month per vehicle – with recovery warranty.

    WhatsApp us to apply for your Cartrack tracker today!

    Cartrack saved Zothile’s life. They could save yours too.


    Like insurance, a tracker is something of a grudge purchase, but it is a necessity in a country where crime is out of control.

    Tracking companies do boast about their successful recovery rates. These should be considered, along with the mobile app and web-based app services.