15 Myths about Medical Aid

This addition to our “15 Series” is based on contributions by the Virtual Adviser team of Professors, experienced Medical Doctors, esteemed Health Professionals and Certified Financial Planners. It is profoundly insightful. Every person who is covered by medical aid in South Africa should read it. “Unlimited hospital cover” This is a common advertising strategy used …

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15 Reasons to Fire Your Financial Adviser

In the near future AI will replace financial advisers that sell life insurance and off-the-shelf investment products. At Virtual Adviser we are close to building the AI platforms to do that. It’s simple, really. Based on key financial metrics, a person’s financial need can be ascertained. Coupled with affordability calculations, the extent to which the …

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15 Factors that Determine Your Motor Insurance Premiums in South Africa.

Two people driving the same vehicle rarely pay exactly the same insurance premium. Sometimes the difference can be quite significant. There are a number of factors that contribute to your car premium. It’s not advisable to chase the lowest premium due to a number of hidden risks. What you need is an independent perspective on …

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15 Legal Ways to Reduce Taxes

NOTE: Some of these are no longer applicable based on the 2021 Budget speech. Contact info@virtualadviser.net for more information. South Africa: Times are tough. Money saving strategies must be taken seriously. I provide fifteen actionable tips to reduce your tax. Some seen before, others often overlooked. If you do the first step, you will accomplish …

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Insurance policy schedule, when was your’s reviewed?

Review your insurance policy schedule

The terms and conditions of your insurance policy schedule may change significantly over time. This happens often when regulations change or when your insurance company ushers internal changes. If you have not updated your postal or email address, you are most likely not aware whether a change has occurred. Even if you are aware of …

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NHI South Africa: A Trojan Horse

NHI, Trojan Horse

The cons of NHI, based on interviews with health professionals is enlisted as follows: Your constitutional rights invaded:  Medical aid is a monetary contribution made by working people, using their after-tax savings.  Disallowing medical aids from continuing to provide funding for care in private health facilities is indirectly taking away people’s rights to pool their funds independently …

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