15 Gift Ideas That No One is Talking About

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“A wonderful gift may not be wrapped as you expect.”
― Jonathan Lockwood Huie

It is December 2020, we are in a global pandemic. Shopping malls are crammed and online stores are getting sold out of the typical festive season gifts. If you want to play a significant role in changing the lives of the people you care about, then pay careful attention. Here are 15 gift ideas, all eternal and figuratively out-of-the-box .

These 15 gift ideas are relevant, not just for this festive season, but for every birthday, graduation, anniversary event that comes your way. Exchanging gifts is a noble deed. It shows that you care. So let’s go on giving… but do it differently.

1. Buy an online course for loved ones. Udemy.com has fantastic courses, covering just about every subject matter at very reasonable prices. There is also Coursera and many other providers. Increasing the knowledge and skills of loved ones help them to better prepare for jobs or to start businesses. 

2. Buy listed and unlisted company shares as a gift for loved ones. They will earn declared dividends and will have the option of adding more shares to their portfolio. From my experience, once a person experiences owning shares as an asset, they tend to take a deeper interest in investing money rather than spending it. But selecting the correct shares requires a thorough knowledge of the investment landscape, company evaluation techniques and technical analysis. My team of experts can help you, contact us.

3. Buy fitness related gifts. Weights, skipping ropes, table tennis sets, basket ball hoops – literally anything that encourages getting off the chair and getting active! A fit body leads to a fit mind and fights off diseases such as corona virus.

4. Sponsor a full blood analysis and health assessment. Help loved ones to proactively determine their status of health. This will make them understand many aspects of themselves and will ultimately place them on the path to happiness. A healthy and fit body and mind, leads inextricably to great happiness.

5. Lessen the burden of debt. Make an additional contribution directly to the organisation that a loved one owes money to. You can help them pay towards their car, home, student loan or even a credit card. Alleviating the burden of debt is a positive step towards their financial freedom. But beware. If your loved one has the habit of constantly racking up debt then they need professional help. This takes us to the next gift idea.

6. Gift your loved one with a professional consultation service. This could be with a Debt Counselor or Certified Financial Planner if it is financial advice that they need. But do be sensitive when approaching these matters as they are of a personal nature. Discuss the idea with them before you contact us for an appointment. A paid session with a qualified psychologist or family counselor may also be useful during difficult times.  

7. Open up a savings account for your kids, nieces and nephews. Give them a slight boost by depositing a reasonable amount of your own cash. Create incentives for saving, as an example: every time a savings milestone is reached the account will get a boost from you.

8. Start a stokvel with family and friends. A stokvel is a savings pool where a group of individuals contribute an agreed-upon monthly amount. The group have full control of how they would like to use that money. Two common methods are to pay out monthly or annually. The group can make monthly pay-outs, or they could keep investing their savings and get a lump sum at the end of the year. Learn more about stokvels by tapping here. Opening a stokvel account with a bank provides members with the security they don’t get with informal stokvels.

9. Buy risk cover for loved ones. Life, disability, dread disease insurances and medical aid for loved ones that can not afford it, is a brilliant gift. This helps them with financial planning by mitigating against losses due to unforeseen calamities. Once again, the options are many and confusing. It’s best to contact us for guidance.

10. Make a charitable contribution on behalf of a loved one. If you believe in karma and the collective power of the universe ushering abundant blessings, then this is for you. In the name of loved ones, make donations to worthy causes for them. Sometimes people have a desire to assist a good cause financially but do not have the means to do so. You can be that means. The positive karma will be directed to them and they will benefit from the good act.

11. Buy stationery packs for school kids or help with university fees. Having a quality education is a right and not a privilege, in my books. Funding a child’s education is a highly rewarding experience and a treasured gift. Indirectly, you will also help the country’s economy to grow.

12. Buy tools for loved ones. Sewing machines, knitting machines, fishing rods, wood working tools, musical instruments – anything to help them become self sufficient could be considered as gifts. 

13. Brick and mortar trade courses. Plumbing, electrician wireman’s course and building related courses are highly recommended as gifts to loved ones. They are almost guaranteed an earning potential with these qualifications.

14. Give your time to loved ones. Review their CV’s, give career advice, provide free master classes and share your knowledge and experience. Do not do it for popularity. Do it with love and sincerity.

15. Sustainable venture gifts. Grow a garden patch or flower nursery for loved ones in their own yards. The produce will sustain them and gardening has been proven to improve mental health. Or Buy and install solar products that will help loved ones to reduce their electricity costs.

If you can not execute any of the 15 gift ideas, then simply pray. In silence and with fervour pray for the protection and happiness of your loved ones. Nothing is more powerful than prayer. You now have more than 15 gift ideas, go out and make more people happy.

I wish you, on behalf of the incredible team at Virtual Adviser, every success in 2021.

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